Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Talk Amongst Yourselves - August 30, 2011

So I’m sure your remember Mike Myers’ “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” where if Linda got a little verkelmpt she would give some random topic and say “Talk amongst yourselves.”  I figure that would be the perfect title whenever I list a series of random links and off topic discussions.  So here is the first edition of “Talk Amongst Yourselves”

  • So does Jamie Moyer really want to pitch in 2012?  He is rehabbing from Tommy John surgery and appears that he does want to pitch for an MLB team, but he is 49 and throws pitches in the 80’s.  Could he still be effective as a starter? I have a hard time thinking he could, but would a team want him on their team?  Yes, only because he is a huge PR story and 33 wins from 300.  However I don’t think he has the 4-5 years left that he would need to reach 300.
  • There was a conversation about baseball cards over at BleacherNation and then I read this article on Fangraphs “Lies my Baseball Cards Told Me.”  Can’t wait until I get back to my parents house so I can flip through my baseball card collection.
  •  A nice article about the Michigan Craft Beer Movement, all you east/west coasters I’m telling you Michigan breweries are growing and produce some amazing beer.
  • Yes this format has a striking resemblance to BleacherNation's News and Other Bullets feature. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here, I'm just a pirate after all.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of August 22-28, 2011

So this past week has been interesting here is a rundown:

  • I'm amazed how many people have been following me on twitter, but I must admit I'm a little smitten that Shorts Brewing and mental_floss are actually following me.
  • I spend the entire weekend helping my friend set up a birthday party for a three year old, which actually meant I watched three, three year olds all of Saturday and Sunday morning.
  • I did some web site testing for a friend
  • Here is the song that I kept rocking all weekend, its a great song and an even better video:

The Inaugural Post


Welcome to the MichiganGoat Rambler: A place where things Cubs, Beer, and Michigan get combined with random ramblings and obscure thoughts.

In the world of a billion blogs one has to ask why start another blog?  Is there really anything I can add to discussion?  Can I really write, report, or comment on anything in an original manner that anyone would actually want to read?

Well the answer is NO, I cannot add anything of great value to an already cluttered internet, so why am I doing this?  I’m doing this for me and if you want to join the ride your welcome to see where this might go.

So about this person who refers to himself as MichiganGoat: In the matter of two years I’ve gone through a divorce, a career change, a couple of moves, and now have the time to start to record my thoughts and journeys for any interested voyeur.

So what is to be expected?  Honestly,  I do not know.  I’m sure I’ll share my love of beer and the Chicago Cubs regularly, I’ll do my best to support Michigan where I can (primarily by drinking Michigan brewed beer), I’ll share stories of being a single dad and raising a three year old,  and I’ll be all kinds of ADD with everything else.

Before I end this inaugural post, I must give a thank you to BleacherNation.com and its fearless leader Brett.  It was on BleacherNation that I developed the MichiganGoat persona and connected with some of the greatest online entities one can find.  If you are looking for Chicago Cub news, information, and analysis you will find no better place than BleacherNation and you will see me there regularly.

This site will change frequently as I get re-familiar with HTML and web design so check back regularly for redesigns and improvements, and if anyone is good with graphic design— I’m looking for someone to rework my avatar, background, and general design work.

I've been increasing my internet presence so on top of this blog and my regular posts on BleacherNation you can follow me on Twitter, view me on Facebook, or communicate with me via email.

Enjoy, but just remember I'm not your buddy